Web Site Design

The diverse nature of the Internet means that every site will have its own set of requirements and objectives, but as with any successful project, there is a logical progression of tasks that merge to create a final product. We implement our proven four Step Methodology as the optimum means of creating YOUR website that is seamlessly and tightly integrated into your business/marketing strategy and overall company philosophy.

Search Optimization

Search engines are a good place to begin any eMarketing campaign. A recent study showed that 85% of people turn to search engines when looking for something on the internet. By establishing a presence, you greatly increase the chances of bringing visitors to your site. Search engine optimization is key to generating the best traffic online. Our skilled search engine professionals identify and implement site-specific modifications to enhance its "search engine friendliness", for obtaining higher rankings. We then submit your site to over 1000 engines. Over a period of a few months, a dynamic ongoing submission process brings thousands of free, targeted hits to your website. Getting listed on directories and search engines is the most logical and cost-effective means of placing your site where potential visitors can find it. SEO specialists are experts in optimizing your site for search engines. We start by researching the most effective keywords and phrases which are then strategically placed within relevant copy and content on your site and within special doorway pages. We then do careful manual submissions to the search engines, including requests to be included in relevant directories. We also follow up to make sure the submissions were accepted (quite often you may have to submit two or three times before your site is indexed).

Search Engine Optimization Services Include:
  • Keyword phrase research and search description design
  • Content recommendations and optimization to increase relevancy in search engines for target keyword phrases
  • Title, meta keyword, and meta description optimization tailored to site content.
  • HTML code optimization and consultation.
  • Manual site submission to spidering search engines.
  • Directory submissions and positioning in Yahoo, Looksmart, MSN, DMOZ, and AOL, and more!
  • Paid search listings in Inktomi and Altavista and set-up of RealName Keywords.
  • Purchase and implementation of GoTo keyword bidding accounts.
  • Inbound link development from related sites and business directories to boost link popularity.
  • Ongoing maintenance, tracking, and recommendations of cutting edge tactics as they emerge.


Through Strategic Planning and design We help you structure your online efforts to complement your traditional print media and help enhance brand awareness and overall market visibility. We make sure that your online advertising meets all your expectations and becomes and integral part of your company's marketing strategy. understands what it takes to achieve results in the highly competitive world of online advertising. Our creative design team is on the cutting-edge of technology and can deliver any type of campaign you desire whether it be banner ads, logo design, online promotional material or rich media, we know what it takes to stretch your advertising dollar to its fullest potential. From banners to websites to HTML e-mail,'s in-house team of graphic artists provide our clients with the cutting-edge creativity required to get noticed and make an impact. Our creative team has the ability to turn on a dime, which makes us very effective in optimizing campaigns on the fly. Internet users move fast; in today's fast paced market place it's vital that your information be conveyed effectively. understands this and our years of experience have made us experts in developing creative content that will maximize conversion.

  • Animated GIF Banner Ads
  • Logo Design
  • Gateway Pages
  • Rich Media
  • Promotional Mailers
  • Interstitials
Banner design:
An important part of any online marketing campaign is effective banner design. We have worked with hundreds of companies and have been able to measure results on effective banners from both ends. We know what works and what doesn't. We specialize in response-initiating banners that guarantee clicks, as well as branded banners that engrave your trademark deep into the minds of viewers.

HTML E-Mail Design:
E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways of driving qualified new customers to your products/services. works with hundreds of targeted e-mail lists of people who have requested (opted-in) to receive offers like yours. Technology now allows people to receive HTML e-mail with full graphics. Just like a web page, the e-mail needs to be created in a way that is graphically appealing and effective in converting a viewer into a customer. We are experts at e-mail marketing and develop creative content that makes the e-mail portion of your marketing campaign an outstanding success.


When advertising in the real world where traditional media is king, you cannot really track qualified leads, build relationships, or generate an immediate response. An online media campaign lets you quantify your efforts and maximize return on investment. In today's "new economy" an integrated and comprehensive online marketing strategy should be part of any business' marketing efforts.

With online marketing you can:
  • Track Response
  • Track Conversion
  • Optimize Your Campaign efforts
  • Personalize Creatives
  • Track and Mediate Exposure Intervals
  • Target key Demographic and Sociographic market
  • can deliver a comprehensive online media plan that will strengthen your marketing efforts and generate new customers.
Pre-Launch Business E-valuation:
Prior to the launch of any marketing campaign, we conduct an "e-valuation" of your website and, if necessary, provide suggestions and a strategy to improve the conversion potential of your site. We ensure your site is easy to navigate, that your product/service is easily accessible for your customers and will implement strategies to increase the conversion ratio of clicks to customers. What might seem like a small change to your site can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign. Our team has mastered this initial evaluation process and our results have proven to be consistently successful.

Targeting: has forged close relationships with a multitude of top-tier websites and we are continuously researching and negotiating new alliances - thus making our network one of the largest in the industry. This wide reach gives us the ability to target customers specifically interested in different types of products and services. We increase the conversion rate of visitors to purchasing customers by attracting surfers who are pre-qualified. How? We search for sites that attract people with similar interests as those of our clients' target market. We then advertise on those targeted sites and use various strategies to maximize our clients' advertising dollar.

Campaign Optimization:
Once we determine the best mix of sites on which to advertise, our work has only just begun. Our in-house experts are constantly analyzing the results and making adjustments to maximize their effectiveness. We diligently study the numbers in terms of ad units served, click-through rates and, most importantly, new acquisitions. Often immediate action is taken. It is this 'on the fly' optimization, our lightning-fast response and our commitment to the bottom line that makes the best in the business.

Our centralized third-party ad management system provides our campaign management team and our clients with real-time data on their marketing campaigns. This system gives us the ability to know where we stand with each site at any given moment and empowers us to make well-informed decisions on campaign optimization. Our third-party ad serving technology enables us to provide our clients with up-to-date, unbiased and detailed reports on a bi-weekly basis, or anytime upon request.

Comprehensive Online Marketing Services: can create press releases for all Ezines, Newspapers, newsgroups, and vertical markets so that our clients may build valuable online partners & associates to help increase exposure and build brand. Effective online publicity increases your visibility with media professionals, industry and financial analysts, potential investors and, of course, your customers. This coverage also generates traffic.

Looking to expand your site marketing and really harness the power of the Internet? has experience in many additional aspects of site marketing including viral marketing. WE can help take your site above the standard methods of promotion.

Our viral marketing initiatives include:
Looking to expand your site marketing and really harness the power of the Internet? has experience in many additional aspects of site marketing including viral marketing. WE can help take your site above the standard methods of promotion.

  • Sweepstakes, contests, incentives, and loyalty programs
  • Promotional games and award sites and E-Coupons
  • Working within newsgroups
  • Affiliate marketing and reciprocal linking
Media Buying:
In harmony with your company's marketing philosophy, helps you define your objectives and develop strategies. Whether driving traffic to your site, expanding brand/product awareness or increasing sales, we ensure that your expectations are met. We help you structure your campaign themes according to defined potential target audiences, and find the most appropriate places to advertise. Through ongoing research and analysis, creates an advertising strategy in line with your objectives.

  • Marketing and ad buy budget development (complete ad purchasing plans)
  • Execution of banner, email buys Campaign concepts including creative and copy
  • Campaign concepts including creative and copy
  • Full accountability third-party statistical reporting